Smart Village: Assisted Living in the New Age

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The U.K. is entering a whole new era with introducing smart technology into their retirement homes.  You can find these advanced living quarters located at the Hugh Fraser Retirement Estate in Newton Mearns, Greater Glasgow.  So far Hugh Fraser has outfitted 120 of their rooms with smart technology powered by Amazon’s Alexa.  The goal is to promote healthy independent living for those in need.  The use of technology allows for residences to interact with their living quarters regardless of their limitations.  A task that may be considered simple to some such as turning off lights, making phone calls, and listening to music are now digitally transformed by the help of Alexa.



Commsworld is the visionary behind the project.  Commsworld is a UK networking and connectivity solutions provider who are looking to use these locations as a flagship of potential opportunities where digital technology and assisted living can combine.  They believe Alexa is the best resource to help with their vision because it allows residents to connect directly to other individuals digitally over their high-speed network.

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