Sentai – New Age Assisted Living Device

There is a new assisted living device on the market that is gaining a lot of traction especially overseas.  Sentai, a small smart device aimed towards assisted living driven by AI and Voice technology, helps monitor and support elderly individuals who may need help in time of need.  The device, which looks like an advance Alexa, has just received a grant from Innovate UK, the United Kingdoms Innovation Agency.  Sentai is hoping to bring the device to the market especially in a time where Corona Virus numbers are at an all time high.

Phil Marshman, Sentai’s CEO and founder, said: “We’re delighted to see the Government backing us under the Sustainable Innovation Fund, as it serves to underline how much our product is needed. With winter fast approaching and another national lockdown underway, loneliness is only set to rise further, and we want to be able to ensure our loved ones are monitored and supported when we can’t physically be with them.”

Sentai is equipped with sensors and monitors to help detect movement incase an individual falls.  For those who can not place their loved ones in a designated nursing home, Sentai adds a extra bit of security knowing that there is an extra set of digital eyes overseeing the home. 

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