Office Accessibility – 3 Items for your Wish List

Looking to modernism your office this holiday? Make sure to pick the best ADA compliant products out there to bring your home into the future.


1) AutoDOOR has created a fully automated ADA compliant way to open and close doors in both your home and businesses.  AutoDOOR automates the opening and closing of doors through a touch system.  No need to interact with handles, users can wave their hand in front of the sensor and the system will automatically open and close upon the user entering the space.  AutoDOOR is a great hygienic solution that is easily operable.

2) Cubik – Bath Vanity


Hastings Tile & Bath’s latest vanity designs meet ADA requirements.  When designing their products they take into consideration for their vanities to have enough clearance for wheelchairs while not exceeding a counter height of 34″ from the floor.  This is very important to achieve day to day functionality.  Hastings Tile & Bath’s website features various designs and styles to choose from that can help bring that modern look to your house.


3) DuraStyle Basic Floorstanding Toilet


Duravit has created an affordable and modern ADA compliant floor standing toilet with hygienic rimless flushing technology.  Their toilets meet the ADA-compliant height of 17″ and comes in a one- or two-piece design.  Duravit prides themselves on their hygienic rimless design saying it “reduces bacteria and facilitate cleaning.”  Not into the ultra-modern look? Durant also features various designs to fit your decor and accessibility needs.

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