My Human Kit – Turn Your Limits into Motivation

Ultimaker machine

It’s been 4 years since pledged $20 million to support disability technologies.  The industry has come along way since their initial vision to spread $20 Million across 29 various programs that dedicate themselves to the disabled community. The program observed projects that falls into five categories of disabilities — hearing, mobility, cognitive, vision and communication.   

One project that has continued to make waves since 2016 and that was granted funding has been the My Human Kit project.  “My Human Kit wants to bring together people suffering from disabilities and solutions of their concern using collective intelligence, digital manufacturing tools (3D printers, laser cutting, programmable electronic cards), and documentation of legally replicable and usable solutions.” 

Their effort is to create the tools and resources available for the disability community on a global level.  On their site they state France alone has 10 Million people with a disability.  They have been very active in the online community especially with the rise of covid, offering essential resources and vital ways 3D printers can help with contactless production.  Their site offers the resources to download 3D printing plans to help produce items like visors, masks, door hooks and more available to download for free. 

Check out their site for more info and 3D blueprints –

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